Does Astrology Really Work?

When I first started looking into Astrology, I wondered if the predictive aspects were just a scam. I went to a couple of different astrologers and they said some truths about my life, but I wasn't sure if the practitioners were reading my body language or really had some insight, using the placement of the planets on a horoscope. Then, I started looking for books about the subject as well as continuing to go for readings. I decided to study astrology since there were rules. Also, the placement of planets was hard to manipulate. Astrology is a theory that the map of the planets on the day, time, and place of a person's birth can describe a person in twelve areas of life. Not only that, but plotting where the planets were placed against the background of different constellations, can mirror the person's life as they matured. The interpretation is dependent on the skill of the reader of the horoscope, the map reader. In this case, the interpretation of the horoscope is dependent on the skill of the astrologer.

In my book, I describe how I got to astrology and how I found a good mentor and teacher. It was then, that I decided to test the theory on my own life. Although the tenets of astrology are not perfect, I was able to learn how to read my map to see what options were available to me when I had questions. I hope astrolgy will inspire the reader to use this tool to find out more about themselves. 

The only way for a person to be sure that the theory of astrology works is if one is open to learning about the subject and applying to themselves.